'Unresolved symbols in module...' error

'Unresolved symbols in module...' error

Post by David T » Sat, 14 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi folks:

I have a Linux 2.0.18 (RH4) which on bootup gives me the following

        *** Unresolved symbols in module /lib/module/2.0.18/fs/smbfs.o
                (... see below for full list)
        *** Unresolved symbols in module /lib/module/2.0.18/net/slip.o

followed by

        tty_register_ldisc: wrong version or undefined
                (...see below for full list)
        unregister_netdev: wrong version or undefined
        Loading failed!  The module symbols (from linux-2.0.18) don't
        match your linux-2.0.18

Que what??  Well, I do the obvious: check /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit.  'depmod'
is indeed invoked before 'kerneld'.  Make sure I have the modules in
/lib/module/2.0.18...all there.  Run by hand 'depmod -a'--I get

        *** Unresolved symbols...

(so that's where the message comes from!)  Just for completeness, I try to
run 'modprobe ppp' and get back

        tty_register_ldisc: wrong version...

OK, try compiling some of these things into the kernel, not as loadable
modules (this means turning off version labels to get ppp support).
Install new kernel, reboot.  Still get the error messages, including
the modules I changed!  Well, OK, press on regardless, see what happens.  
Try to run ppp using RH's network configuration tool; now I get pages of
'System does not support ppp in kernel', despite having expressly compiled
ppp support in.

Has anyone any idea what's going on, and how I can fix this?  The Modules and
Kernel HTs don't deal with this.  It's RH4, almost straight out of the box,
the only additions come from installing the rpms on the errata sheet, including
the kernel-2.0.18-6.i386.rpm.

Thanks in advance for any guidance,

Dave Tan

PS: Here is the full message generated by kerneld

        tty_register_ldisc: wrong version or undefined
        dev_close: wrong version or undefined
        dev_alloc_skb: wrong version or undefined
        netif_rx: wrong version or undefined
        kill_fasync: wrong version or undefined
        n_tty_ioctl: wrong version or undefined
        dev_kfree_skb: wrong version or undefined
        register_netdev: wrong version or undefined
        unregister_netdev: wrong version or undefined
        Loading failed!  The module symbols (from linux-2.0.18) don't
        match your linux-2.0.18

...and the modules depmod doesn't like

        /lib/module/2.0.18/fs/smbfs.o, fs/sysvfs.o, fs/ufs.o, misc/ftape.o, misc/appletalk.o,
        misc/icn.o, misc/isdn.o, misc/lp.o, misc/msbusmouse.o, misc/pcbit.o, misc/teles.o
        ipv4/ip_alias.o, ipv4/ipip.o, block/linear.o, block/loop.o, block/raid0.o,
        net/eql.o, net/new.tunnel.o, net/plip.o, net/ppp.o, net/slip.o


1. 'Unresolved symbols in module..'

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The first thing I did was to delete everything under
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Then I went to /usr/src/linux-2.0.18 and typed:

make menuconfig
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make zlilo

Rebooted the machine. Under make menuconfig I answerd 'Module' on
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When it had restarted, I went back in to /usr/src/linnux-2.0.18
and typed:

make modules
make modules_install
depmod -a

And I get (at least) this error message:

*** Unresolved symbols in module /lib/modules/2.0.18/misc/isdn.o

(The reason I say 'at least' because I have tried s many times, and
never got it working, with diffrent error messages,
but the 'Unresolved symbols in module /lib/modules/2.0.18/' and
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Vidar Hoel aka Orm

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