Q: why does ftp say "530 user akelly access denied..."

Q: why does ftp say "530 user akelly access denied..."

Post by Allan Kell » Wed, 31 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi, I've just setup from Slackware 3.0, minimal install with no
XWindows. I need to support a small number of users who will need to be
able to have ftp and telnet access.

OK, telnet works 'straight out the box' but ftp gives every user (except
the anonymous ftp account) the message

530 user <username> access denied...

I've been through all the relevant docs etc I can find, I've even gone
out and bought a book, but I cannot find a clue as to why my users
cannot get ftp access. This is embarrasing.

I know about the ftpusers file, and noboby's there except root, uucp and

All help much appreciated!

Thanks, al.


1. Bug/Problem with adduser (was: Q: why does ftp say "530 user akelly access denied...")

I've just had a bad time solving an ftpd problem - nobody could login to
my machine except anonymous. I received several replies (thanks again
everyone) suggesting that the /etc/shells file was at fault. In fact, it
turns out that the /etc/passwd file was at fault...

adduser had entered tcsh as the shell entry, instead of /bin/tcsh ... Is
this a bug, or is there a config file to be altered?

I'm using slackware 3.0 with kernel 1.2.13

Cheers, al.

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