NTFS/HPFS install bug not fixed yet...updated install disks still don't work:-(

NTFS/HPFS install bug not fixed yet...updated install disks still don't work:-(

Post by Anthony Whit » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi there,

I posted some details about a problem with the install routine not
being able to update an existing installation.

RH acknowledged this bug and made available new boot image and
update image to use.  I have downloaded these and tried, still
 no go.

The procedure is supposed to be like this:

1. Boot from new disk.
2. Type "linux update text" (Without the quotes) for text install.
3. After loading the boot disk you will be prompted to insert
   the update disk.
4. Update disk runs a few seconds saying "updating anaconda",
   and continues.

All should then be fine BUT, a very BIG BUT, it still fails to
find my Linux partition on </dev/sdc6> (Third hard disk).
It insists that it can not mount </dev/sdb6> on the second hard
disk which is an NTFS partition (For Win NT4).

My system:

Disk 1 = SCSI 4.3Gb
Disk 2 = SCSI 4.3Gb
Disk 3 = SCSI 4.3Gb

There are no Linux partitions on the first disk (DOS, WIN95,
WinNT and OS/2)

Disk 2 has NTFS and OS/2 HPFS partitions as well as a the following
Linux layout:

Linux : 'sdb5'  100Mb  "/boot"

Linux : 'sdb8'  128Mb  "Swap"

Linux : 'sdb9'  2000Mb "/"

Disk 3 is as follows:

Linux : 'sdc6'  2100Mb "/usr

The update images were supposed to fix a few other things but
those items have not been an issue for me so I don't know if they did.

The work around for this problem is to use fdisk and change the
partition id from 7 to 17 (Hidden NTFS/HPFS).  This allows
the install to proceed.  Very annoying to say the least.

Now why is RH going down the track of creating all these problems?

RH 5.2 seemed to me to be quite good and easy to install, since RH6
have gone down hill, especially seeing the problems other people have.

Have any others found this problem?



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