setup modem on TP755CX?

setup modem on TP755CX?

Post by Clayton Tan » Thu, 09 Jan 1997 04:00:00


I have a Thinkpad 755cx running Slackware 2.0.0. Can someone help me
setup the Mwave modem? The modem type is not in the faq/doc. Email reply



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I've seen messages w/ issues similar to mine, but their answers doesn't
include what I need.  Well, this is my problem...

I have an internal modem, winmodem, which I used in another machine
running RH Linux for the last two years w/out a hitch.  Now I'm setting
a small network at home, and the modem card was moved to another machine
also running Linux.  The problem is that I cannot get a hold of it.  I
know that the card under Win95 has the following setup:

Port:        COM4
Interrupt:  3
I/O Add.: 0x2E8
UART:    16550

Thus, I set up the card in the Linux machine as:

Port:        /dev/cua3
Interrupt:  3
I/O Add.: 0x2E8
UART:    16550

I ran "procinfo" before and after I installed the card to be able to
identify the interrupt and i/o address, and was able to see the modem
using the correct i/o address, but not the interrupt.  According to
"procinfo," no device is using IRQ 3.  Not even the modem, which is
setup w/ this IRQ.  I tried using minicom to give a try to the setup,
and no matter what I tried nothing happens; I cannot even hear the click
of the relays on the modem card.  And yes, I did initialized the card
correctly. Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Regards, Alex

"As always, everyone will thank you for your service and your actions
will not be disregarded."

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