KDE3/RH 7.2 paths issue - icons for apps issues etc.

KDE3/RH 7.2 paths issue - icons for apps issues etc.

Post by w.. » Fri, 03 May 2002 01:50:40

I have KDE3 set up on my RH 7.2 box formerly running Ximian Gnome KDE3
installed via rpms). To be brief, it rocks. Gorgeous and good looking fonts
finally. Very happy with it and have noticed a big jump in productivity
with it, but I have this strange problem that I gather is relating to

Programs I install generally end up residing in /usr/local/kde/bin which I
have added to my path. However, for compiled programs, icons within
programs and for them (as well as things like their links in the menus,
docs etc) are missing when I use the programs.

Additinally, things like my Autostart directory (while set in the dailogue
box for it) does not well, autostart things and the Trashcan while the icon
is present does not operate differently from a standard folder. Also, my
custom applied icon theme (Crystal) does not reapply itself for KDE3's
automatically generated icons.

My system is perfect execpt for these small issues (and the beta software
everyone is currently porting to KDE3/QT3).

Anyone got any ideas?

many thanks!
Paris, France.