Help: Diamond Stealth64 2001 and XFree86

Help: Diamond Stealth64 2001 and XFree86

Post by Michael Wright ED » Thu, 07 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I just got my new system and of course all the cards have been upgraded
beyond the Linux support I am use to.

With some effort and help I have been able to get the system working and
am now down to getting Xwindows running.

I had previously read here that I needed the 3.1.2A version of the SVGA driver.
I got it and loaded the package.  So far I have had no success.  After finding
the font files xinit gives me and error messages about no such file and dies
without returning me to the prompt.

I would appreciate any help in getting this working and maybe seeing someone
else's config file.

An additional note:  If it helps, this is a brand new Micron Millenium plus
with 133 MHz pentium.

Thanks, Michael

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1. Help:X setup Diamond Stealth64 Video 2001 and Hitachi SuperScan Elite 17

I am using Diamond Stealth64 Video 2001 (2MB DRAM) with a
Hitachi SuperScan Elite 17 (CM1711MU) monitor. I am running
XFree86-1.3.2 choosing S3 server. It is working so far, but I am
not satisfied with the refresh rate for the current setting
(Under Win95, I was able to find the driver exactly for the
video card and monitor, and which can get 1024x768 at vertial
refresh rate above 75Hz at 16bit depth).

Here is the information about Stealth64 Video 2001:
        2Mb DRAM
        Horizontal Sync Signals: 31.5kHz - 81.5kHz
        Vertical Refresh: 43.5Hz - 120Hz
        Maximum Dot Clock Rate: 135MHz Standard

Particually, I don't know how to set up the clocks (dot-clock?)
in the config file.

For Haitachi CM1711MU:
        Horizontal: 24.8 - 82 KHz
        Vertical: 50 - 120 Hz
        Max refresh rate:       640x480 120Hz
                                800x600 120Hz
                                1024x768 101Hz
                                1280x1024 75Hz

But I don't know how to set up the ModeLine entry, especially
those numbers after the mode (resolution) entry.

I have been looking around to get specific info about the
setting information but without luck. Does anyone know the
configuration for such specific video card and/or monitor?

Thank you for any assistance in advance.

Cheng-Wei Wu
Phone: (608) 263-1608

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