WD/Paradise Video Problems

WD/Paradise Video Problems

Post by Timothy J. Mille » Fri, 18 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am new to Linux and am encountering problems when attempting to
configure my video.  I am currently trying to set this up on a Toshiba
T4600C laptop with 12 meg of memory.  When I run SuperProbe I get the
following information:

Super VGA
WD/Paradise 90c27
Memory 512k
RAMDAC Generic 8bit psuedocolor

I appreciate any help/information that anyone can provide.




1. Need Help setting up WD Paradise wd90c33 video

        So has anybody successfully gotten a WD VLB Paradise
card with the wd90c33 chipset working with X?  If so, please
tell me how you did it.  I tried using the SVGA driver, until
I read that it didn't support the 90c33 chipset.  Now I have
the source for a driver to add into the SVGA driver (I think).
However, I've tried to compile it as per the info contained in
the Link Kit, but it gives me all kinds of errors so something
is not right.  I notice in an archie search a 440k(ish) file
relating to this chipset, however none of the ftp sites that
list it still have the file.  I assume this is probably the
precompiled driver, so if anybody has this laying around, I'd
appreciate a copy.  Anyway, any help would be appreciated.
Please email me so I don't miss your reply.
                                Alex Williamson

                                University of Dayton ELE '96

                                (either address will do, they
                                both go to the same place)

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