"bare" bootdisk gives error 0x10

"bare" bootdisk gives error 0x10

Post by Grant Reab » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 12:34:03

I've had Slackware working fine in the past, but recently
I decided to reinstall from scratch (I made a boo boo).
Unfortunately, the bare bootdisk, which I've always used,
now gives a 0x10 error after the prompt for parameters.  I
tried another bootdisk (old1118), and it got a bit further
and then had a kernel panic.  I don't have any Linux parti-
tions anymore.  What's wrong?



1. bootdisk "crc error" or "invalid compressed format"?

When I try booting with the Linux 3.2 bootdisk scsi.s it says:

   Loading ramdisk.........
   Uncompressing Linux...

     crc error

   System halted

Using the 3.4 scsi.s bootdisk it says the same except "crc error" is
replaced by "invalid compressed format".

Can anyone tell me why this is happening?  I've tried several floppy
disks so it wasn't a bad floppy and I wrote the disk from DOS (not
Win95) so that can't be it either.  The system is an Asus SP97-V
motherboard with 16M RAM, Intel P100 CPU, a cheap System Dynamics SCSI
controller, Maxtor SCSI drive and Toshiba SCSI CD-ROM.


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