Installing linux using SCSI CD-ROM on PCMCIA card, onto SCSI hard drive

Installing linux using SCSI CD-ROM on PCMCIA card, onto SCSI hard drive

Post by Donald Bu » Thu, 12 Jun 1997 04:00:00


 I just purchased Slackware 3.2 on CD-ROM from Walnut Creek. And I
want to install it!

 Unfortunately, my CD-ROM drive is on a PCMCIA SCSI controller (New
Media Toast'n'Jam).  In fact, the hard drive I want to install Linux
to is also on this controller.

 I presume that, in order to pull this off, I will need a special
bootdisk and rootdisk that includes the PCMCIA drivers and the
appropriate commands in rc.local or whatever to utilize them.

 So, does anyone have such a boot/rootdisk combo made up already? If
so, where can I get it?

 I'd really like to install this, so any replies would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks!  (Please respond by e-mail if possible.)

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1. HELP: Red Hat install doesn't recognize my SCSI CD-ROM or Hard drives


Can anyone help.  I've tried installing Red Hat with no sucess.  Here
are the problems:

1) During installation CD-ROM can't be found for Red Hat source.  The
CD-ROM is an early NEC 3x SCSI.  I've tried copying CD-ROM to a hard

2) My SCSI drives are not recognized by Red Hat.  When I told Red Hat
that the source is on /dev/sdb or /dev/sdb1 and msdos type, it said
/dev/sdb was not a block device.  When I tried to do a Linux fdisk on
/dev/sdb or /dev/sdb1 I got an error message that said "unable to open
device".   I even tried fdisk on a hard drive that had no DOS
partitions - same result.

Installations attempted:
        -1 floppy and CD-ROM
        -3 floppies and hard drive

My MB is a P90 OPTI/AMI-ISA/VLB/PCI using a NCR53c810 PCI SCSI
controller.  I read a FAQ somewhere that said this MB had problems
running Linux, but didn't give any details.  I guess that explains it.
However, has anyone got this type of MB to run Linux?


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