Can't install 6.1

Can't install 6.1

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My machine is:
AMD K6III/400, 256 MB, sda, sdb, SCSI cdrom, matrox mill. G200, Adaptec
AHA 2940U2W.
I already have RH 5.2 installed and running on this system; I just want
to upgrade.  5.2 boots and runs fine.  My linux partitions are marked as

When attempting to install 6.1 from CD, I see the message "Loading
AIC7xxx SCSI driver" or something similar to that. This is the correct
SCSI driver for my host adapter (2940U2W). Then the dialog disappears,
it re-attempts to load the driver, fails and gives me the message,
"install exited abnormally received signal 7". Then linux shuts down and
says I can reboot.  I get this whether I type 'text' at the boot prompt,
or just hit enter.  I found one site that says that signal 7 is an
emulator trap, but that doesn't help me install RH 6.1.  Any ideas?

Also how does one create a driver diskette to use the 'expert' boot



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If anyone can shed any light on the following problem, I'd be very grateful.

My PC already has one hard drive installed - 13Gb with the following
partitions: 1Gb Win95 (FAT), 4Gb NT (NTFS), 2Gb extra (FAT).  The
remaining space is unpartitioned.  I want to install RH 6.1 on this
machine, but would like this on a separate drive (I don't really like
the idea of both Linux and various windows on the same drive).  So, I
installed a 1Gb drive as the 2nd device on the primary IDE channel with
the intention on installing onto this.  I will be using the NT boot
loader to manage the multiple boots.

However, attempting to use Disk Druid to partition this drive led to
rather infuriating problems - it would refuse the put the Linux '/' fs
on hdb (the 1Gb disk) and would insist on putting it on hda (the disk
with NT, etc. on it), this is regardless of what I made "allowable".

Eventually I thought I might as well just install Linux on my 13Gb disk
so went ahead and found I had rendered NT unbootable.  I suspect that
Linux fiddling with the hda parition table confused NT into not finding
where it was installed at boot time.  Anyway, I have fixed this now.

So, my real questions are:

Why won't Disk Druid partition '/' on hdb?

Is there something unacceptable about booting from a disk that isn't
first on a particular IDE channel?

How can I install Linux on hdb, whilst leaving hda untouched (I have a
lot of Visual C++ work there)?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Toby Blake
Computing Officer
Division of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

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