bootstrap problem with slack

bootstrap problem with slack

Post by bbar.. » Fri, 17 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I'd appreciate some help getting Slackware loaded.  My background is
Novelll and Windows so forgive my total ignorance.  I got a QUE 2nd
edition Using Linux.  I actually read it and tried to follow the
directions too.  The box is a 486, PnP board with ISA, VLB and PCI
slots, Intel DX2-66 in a socket3, 16 megs of non-edo 72 pin RAM.  I've
got a PCI Mach video card and I've tried both a Promise 2300plus VLB
controller and a Goldstar ISA controller.  The HDD is an old Fujitsu
130 meg with 5 meg DOS partition and the rest is not partitioned yet.
The BIOS is '93 AMI, with no specific option to disable PnP.  LBA is
When I boot with bare, I get general protection crashes immediately
after the kernal starts loading.  It lists four BIOS_32 inits and then
pukes.  I've also tried sbpcd and idecd, when I had my old SBPRO 16 in
there, but I've taken it out to eliminate the variables.  I've tried a
few different boot parameters as well as none and the results are


1. Slack 1.1.1 or Slack 1.1.0

        The aggresive Slackware keep someone happy. But for a seasonal unix
user like me, it is a nighmare to keep up with the newest version(so is SLS)
. I had SLS a year ago. Because upgrade means reinstall from scratch, I
gave up and delete SLS. Now I am back. I want to ensure what I get will
serve me for next year. My local BBS has Slack1.1.0. The newest version
1.1.1 just out. Can someone give me some suggestion on which to get.

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