Dual scsi adaptors and setup

Dual scsi adaptors and setup

Post by Marc MERL » Sat, 04 Jul 1998 04:00:00

>Dear all

>I wonder if you can help.

>Iam trying to install Redhat Linux 5.1.  The problem I have is that in the
>machine there are two scsi adaptors:

>i)Adaptec AHA1542 CP PnP ISA
>ii) Adaptec AHA2940 W/UW

>The problem I have is that I can get Linux to detect one or the other but not

You may have to force the detection of one or the two boards.
Try giving options to lilo (the following two are excerpts from the source

 * LILO params:  aha1542=<PORTBASE>[,<BUSON>,<BUSOFF>[,<DMASPEED>]]
 * Where:  <PORTBASE> is any of the valid AHA addresses:
 *                      0x130, 0x134, 0x230, 0x234, 0x330, 0x334
 *         <BUSON>  is the time (in microsecs) that AHA spends on the AT-bus
 *                  when transferring data.  1542A power-on default is 11us,
 *                  valid values are in range: 2..15 (decimal)
 *         <BUSOFF> is the time that AHA spends OFF THE BUS after while
 *                  it is transferring data (not to monopolize the bus).
 *                  Power-on default is 4us, valid range: 1..64 microseconds.
 *         <DMASPEED> Default is jumper selected (1542A: on the J1),
 *                  but experimenter can alter it with this.
 *                  Valid values: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 (MB/s)
 *                  Factory default is 5 MB/s.

 *  A Boot time option was also added for not resetting the scsi bus.
 *    Form:  aic7xxx=extended
 *           aic7xxx=no_reset
 *           aic7xxx=ultra
 *           aic7xxx=irq_trigger:[0,1]  # 0 edge, 1 level
 *           aic7xxx=verbose  

I bet just giving aha1542=0x330 (or whatever port you use) should solve the

Quote:>Adaptor i) has the cd rom attached and adaptor ii) has the hard drive

As someone else said, with a simple setup like that, you may be better off
putting everything on one chain (I do have two SCSI chains a home, but
that's because I have more than 10 devices, from slow narrow SCSI 5 to ultra
fast wide SCSI 40 :-D).

Home page: http://magic.metawire.com/~merlin/ (browser friendly)


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Thanks in advance,


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