Screen refresh problem with RH 5.2

Screen refresh problem with RH 5.2

Post by David Hal » Sun, 17 Jan 1999 04:00:00

   I have recently installed RH 5.2 and X seems a little quirky. If I do
a directory listing that is larger than my shell window or I use a a
scroll bar in an app (like the Gimp), a portion of the upper-left-hand
corner of the screen is super-imposed over most of the window I
performed the action in. This happens regardless of the window manager I
use. If I minimize the window and reopen it or place another window on
top of it, the window repaints and everything if fine. Any idea what I
can do here? Have I configured something incorrectly? I did notice on
setup that SuperProbe thought I only had 64k of memory on the card. I
changed this to 2mb and it didn't complain. My video card is a generic
Cirrus Logic 5436 with 2mb/ram.



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I don't have any suggestions since I am new to Linux. I intend to
install and use Linux Mandrake this week. I have one comment, though:
when writing French and Spanish documents in Windows, all I need is a
QWERTY keyboard and the "compose key" method common to most word
processors and native to the Windows (English) US International
Keyboard configuration. I have never understood the need to use a very
complicated keyboard that necessitates dual and triple key pressing.
The three accents and cedille can be had with the compose key. More
complex languages are a totally different thing, though.

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