.rept/.endr - Error: unknown pseudo-op

.rept/.endr - Error: unknown pseudo-op

Post by Dmitry Samersof » Sat, 22 Mar 1997 04:00:00

        What is it ?
What can i do to resolve this problem ?

Please, reply me by e-mail.


1. Problems compiling linux-2.1.16 -- pseudo-op ".rept"?

When I attempt to compile linux-2.1.16, gcc complains about unknown
pseudo-ops ".rept" and ".endr".  These seem to have been added in
linux-2.1.8, and modified in linux-2.1.15.  I didn't get the errors
before because the last 2.1.x I compiled was 2.1.5.

Is this linux's way of hinting that I need to upgrade gcc?  I'm running
2.7.0 (which I didn't think was that far behind the current version).

Any ideas?


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