Zip drive on LPT2 (0x278); how?

Zip drive on LPT2 (0x278); how?

Post by Kajetan Szalankiewic » Wed, 11 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi, I'm trying to get linux to recognise my zip drive on LPT2 at address
0x278.  I have changed /etc/conf.modules file but now at bootup I get a
message Symbol '_base' not found.

What an I doing wrong?

PS. I'm using Red Hat 4.2. During install the PPA3 auto-probe failed.

  Kajetan Szalankiewicz                  

  Computer Systems Engineering, Carleton University


1. Zip drive on LPT2 - help

I installed a second parallel port on my Redhat 5.1 box so that I
could hang the printer off one port, and my Zip drive off another.
This setup works fine in Windoze 95
Under Linux
the printer on LPT1 (works fine), but when I try mounting the zip
drive (on /dev/sda4), linux complains that the kernel doesnt recognise
/dev/sda4 as a block device. I've edited ppa.c  to point to 0x278
(LPT2), and the module loads just fine

I've tried loading as a module
        (insmod ppa ppa_base=0x278),
and also building into the kernel, but no success.

Any thoughts??

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