Mounting a DOS partition

Mounting a DOS partition

Post by Jane » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00

mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/dos -t vfat will mount your DOS partition (assuming
it is /dev/hda1) into the directory /mnt/dos as type vfat (handles Win95's
long names).  You could also use type msdos

> Oooops!  I guess for completness I should have mentioned I have a
> Win95/Linux dual boot PC.

> The sooner I can mount the DOS partitions the sooner I can migrate
> totally from DOS to Linux! And we all know what that means ... one less
> Windoze luser!

> > Hi all,

> > Anybody know which HOWTO can tell me how to do this ... I've read
> > through about a squillion HOWTO's and must have missed this bit. (I
> > was
> > probably reading it at 3am and, like most things at that time, it just

> > didn't register!)

> > Thanks,
> > Phil.


1. how do i mount an extended dos partition or a dos logical partition ?

i need to access/share data with an NT machine (not on a network)
i have 10G removable hard drives
i am trying to put a file system on it to allow access by both linux and
linux won't mount an ntfs file system
the NT person put 4 primary (?) dos partitions on the disk
and if i run fdisk in linux it sees 4 FAT16 partitions
but it will only let me mount the first one

how do i mount the other 3 ?

is there some special way the disk needs to be formated by NT ?

thanks for any help,

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