hercules dynamite power and 65k colors???

hercules dynamite power and 65k colors???

Post by Eric A. Lind » Thu, 31 Aug 1995 04:00:00

i have a hercules dynamite power 2 meg pci video card and using the
w32p (something or other) x server for graphics.  my problem is that
that server says that it only supports 8bpp (256 colors) but i would
like to use 16bpp (65k colors)... netscape looks grainy in only 256
colors.  does anyone out there know of a different x server i could
use or something i could do to get into 65k colors????

thanks a lot!

(please email if possible)

Eric A. Linden


1. Hercules Dynamite Power & X86

Linux (slackware 2.3) and XF86 are driving me crazy!
More to the point if anyone has any experience with Hercules
Dynamite Power video cards and Linux... help please. After I finally
got the XF86Config generated and edited with the exact timings for my
Samsung Syncmaster 15 and Dynamite etc. etc. X kinda works. The problem
is that I get vertical lines equally spaced across the screen either
up of black and white dots or lines with little black and white zipzags.
I does not matter if I use the accelerated driver or the vga drivers I
virtually the same result.  Also when moving ojects around on the screen
they leave behind pixel based ghost images.  The screen almost seems
transparent with garbage visable behind the normal blue background.
The only apparent thing I see is that X86 thinks that the video has an
ATT20c491 ramdac other than that the X startup dialog shows no
of error.... Any Ideas????

System Config
KS TG919 motherboard
AMD DX4 100 cpu
Award Bios V4.50g
Adaptec 2842VL SCSI (drives,cd,tape)
Soundblaster 16
MS Mouse
--Hercules DL702VL 2mb Dynamite Power w/SLS Thomsom 1702/1703 Ramdac
--W32P Rev A
--8.00n-b4a Bios

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