Need Latest Version of Linux CD-ROM Version

Need Latest Version of Linux CD-ROM Version

Post by Andy Anh Da N » Wed, 30 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone know where I can buy the latest Linux OS on
CD-ROM at a good price ($25 or below) where you can run Linux straight from the CD-ROM?  Please suggest.  Thanks...

1. Q: How do I get from the latest stable kernel version to the latest prepatch version ?

It just struck me odd that the latest is 2.4.2 while the prepatches were
2.4.3 so I figured there must be something I missed in between (my logic
told me that a 2.4.3 patch would be against a 2.4.3 something ;-).

BTW, I haven't seen any announcements from Linus in this mailing list
regarding new versions, just the updates on the web site and Alan's release
notes saying he's merging with 2.4.3xx. Are those announcements being posted
somewhere else now ?

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