Create OpenLinux Installation CDROM?

Create OpenLinux Installation CDROM?

Post by Cemi » Mon, 31 Aug 1998 04:00:00

    Is it possible to create a OpenLinux Lite installation CD-ROM from
the files on their FTP site?  I downloaded all the files to my FAT32
partition, and from their put them on a CD-R.  But when I go to install
Linux, it says "that the CD-ROM is not a vaild installation CD-ROM,
contact dealer" or something like that.  Anyone have any suggestions?
Please email me thanks.

1. OpenLinux Installation trouble w/ installation source HELP! :O)

I am installing a new version of OpenLinux on an older Packard Bell.  It
is about 3-4 years old and has been through many viruses, crashes, etc.  
When I try to install OpenLinux by diskette, it can never find a source of
installation.  I would install by CD, but it doesnt recognise my CD-ROM AT
ALL even though i tried to find a driver in the modules diskette.  Also, i
tried to use the loadlin method (installing from my DOS partition) but
that did not work either.  Can someone PLEASE help me with this problem??  
I would love to get my linux working ASAP!  Thanks.


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