Redhat 5.1, 486, HD found but can't partition

Redhat 5.1, 486, HD found but can't partition

Post by Scott Simpso » Wed, 03 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Redhat 5.1, old 486, Maxtor 7270AV drive set as 959/11/50 (autoconfigured)

I'm installing Redhat 5.1 and when it boots, it sees my drive as hda1
(master) and my CD ROM drive as hdb1 (slave). I see this is in the boot
lines. Unfortunately, when Disk Druid or fdisk is run in the installation
process, it says "No valid devices found" and it won't let me partition the
disk. I'm booting off a floppy I created with rawrite.

I tried booting in expert mode but it didn't seem to make any difference. In
fact, in expert mode I didn't notice anything different in the installation
process. What does this do?


Redhat 5.1, 486, HD found but can't partition

Post by Scott Simpso » Wed, 03 Mar 1999 04:00:00

>at the lilo boot brompt enter
>linux hdb=cdrom

This still doesn't work. I get the message "An error has occurred - no valid
devices were found on which to create new filesystems." even though during
boot hda1 shows up as my Maxtor drive and hdb1 shows up as the CD ROM. I am
reading off the CD ROM OK because the installation looks for the CD ROM and
finds it.


1. Windows 3.11/ RH 5.1 Linux, one big HD, 486 BIOS limitations, fix please?

Dear Linuxers,

After having read the HOWTOs, the FAQs and the man pages on this
subject, one subtle detail of the ' MBR-LILO-based two-OS, one big HD'
boot system eludes me still.

I want to let Windows 3.11 (the bully) continue to see the HD as C:.
Since the BIOS on my 486 can read only up to cylinder 1023 of the HD
at start-up, how do I give Windows more than the first 504MB of the HD
(with modern HDs providing anything up to 12GB of space to play with)
while still allowing LILO to 'see' the Linux boot area on another
partition higher up so I can boot from the HD rather than from a
floppy disk?

What I would really like to do is give Windows a C: of about 600MB and
a doublespaced D: of about 500MB, while giving Linux the rest.

What's the trick?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions -

Ralph de Rijke

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