Configure 2 channel on 3COM IMPACT II ISDN MODEM

Configure 2 channel on 3COM IMPACT II ISDN MODEM

Post by <tkesa.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have been using a 3Com Impact II modem for about 6 months. The modem
works great on Linux with one B channel. So, how do I make it work on both
the channels ? I have alread surf most of the websites on this matter
including 3Com, but nothing is avail.

My configuration files looks like this in Xwindows

Init string = ATZ
not sure)   =ATDT
phone       = ISP Number

Currently I am using RedHat 5.1 and I did the above configuration on

Thank You in Advance, your help on this matter is highly appreciated.

I hope those who answer my question could reply me thru my e-mail address


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