FTP -- jams everything

FTP -- jams everything

Post by David M » Sun, 14 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi.  How's life?

I was hoping some kindly soul would be able to help me with a small
problem I'm having.

I've setup Slackware 3.0.0 on my machine, with the 1.2.13 kernel, and
using ppp 0.2.7.  After many a sleepless night, everything seems
to work fine.  I can use netscape, popmail, news, etc.  no problem.

The problem seems to be only with FTP.  Every so often, ftp just
seems to die on me.  I've checked the message log, and nothing
strange shows up.  ifconfig shows no errors.  It just stops.  I thought
it might just be a long delay, but I've left it for 1/2 an hour,
on a number of sites, and it seems to just be dead.  It kills the PPP
connection altogether -- though I'm still connected (ie. my modem does
not hang up), I can't ping or do anything else over ppp, and need
to kill both the ftp process and ppp, and redial in order to get
things working again.

I've tried a number of FTP progs -- plain FTP, ncftp, netscape's ftp,
all with the same result.  Everything else indicates no errors -- I get
decent transfer rates, pings between 250-320 ms with little (0-10% on 10
pings) packet loss.  The freeze seems to happen every other FTP or so,
with no specific interval at which it freezes.  Sometimes at 1.2 MB,
other times after 20 KB.  Anyone have any suggestions?



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Just read the March 1994 White Paper, 'A Practical Guide to Solaris
Security,' because I was searching some
docs on how to set the    /etc/hosts.deny   (like on my Linux box)

There was no mention of it. Or jam.

What's the best way to restrict specific networks, or single addresses using
various services and/or ports?

Tom Hanks In Advance.

Free jam* for best answer. (Or jello if you are American)

*Specifically, the jam is pretend. The best answer will receive pretend jam.

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