ESS1888 works every now and then

ESS1888 works every now and then

Post by Trun » Fri, 30 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi Linux folks,
If I can play an audio CD, does it necessarily mean that my Linux kernel
(2.2.5-15) support my sound card? I have an ESS1888, but the kernel
doens't support it so I used other ESSxxxx (eg. ESS1688) &  can hear the
sounds from "sample.midi" & "" files. However, it works for
just a couples of
minutes & dies (i.e., after "sndconfig" I can hear a the system WAV
sounds (by closing, opening windows) but this doesn't last long.)
    Desipte of that  I can always play an audio CD, but never can I hear
a sound from a MIDI file (except the sample MIDI during the "sndconfig"
configuration). Any idea? Thanks


ESS1888 works every now and then

Post by Valentin Guille » Sun, 01 Aug 1999 04:00:00


I would select sound blaster support, (emulation) and not the incorrect
ESS sound card.  Then, go into the config files and make sure that the
settings for IRQ, DMA, port IO,etc are all correct.  Then, shut down the
computer, making sure that you actually SHUT OFF the power to the machine.
Then reboot.  You will probably have sound working just fine at that
point.  You must power down the machine and reboot, or you won't know if
it works correctly.

I have the ESS 1878 sound chip, and my distribution doesn't have the
correct driver.  I selected sound blaster as the mode.  When asked to
input the correct data, I couldn't, because for example, the IRQ which my
chipset is using is 9, and under the sound blaster configuration screens,
IRQ 9 is NOT an option.  However, I was able to go into the actual config
files and input the correct data there.  I kept continually testing the
setup and it APPARENTLY was not working. I did not know that I had to
actually power down the unit, and repower, in order for the changes to
take effect.  

I now have full sound capabilities on this nice laptop!
I hope that it works that way for you!

Valentin Guillen

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