why doesn't "kill -9 -1" kill KDE control-panel

why doesn't "kill -9 -1" kill KDE control-panel

Post by Mural » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have KDE control panel open before i logoff & shutdown. When i
shutdown i checked the processes that are existent after kill -9 -1. I
saw that control panel is still there (tried to kill -9 -1 again, didn't
work). Because of this the os cannot unmount my partitions.
Any ideas are helpful.

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I am running nfs server and clients on RH 7.1
Due to some configuration problems, the "mount" command hangs
for a long time.
That's not THE problem (it has to do with some complex network
The problem is, that while mount is trying to do it's job, I try to
"kill -9"
it, and it does not kill the process.
How can that be ?
AFAIK, "kill -9" should kill everything.

At some later point, mount exits and reports the error. But how can I kill
when I want to ?

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