Real Player 5.0 and Linux

Real Player 5.0 and Linux

Post by Andrew Geor » Mon, 13 Jul 1998 04:00:00

arggh!  here is my Real Player problem, please help!
okay, when i start up Real Player 5.0, either by invoking it as a netscape
application or starting it up at the command line, it beings to re-buffer
and then it says 'playing network stream' - it looks like it is about to
play!  but, then it hangs, and doesn't play anything.  the clock doesn't
start.  if i hit pause/play continously and rapidly, i can sort of hear
what i want to hear.  my sound is installed properly, i can cat .au files
to /dev/audio and i can play mp3s.  it is just frustrating because there
are no error messages!  can anyone help?  please email me!!!

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