howto? hostname.domain redirect to http://someplace.blabla

1. ipchains howto redirect http

How does one go about redirecting http requests, issued to a dual NIC
masquerading/firewalling machine, to another server on the internal network.
I've got ipchains working, just need to understand the logic of setting up
the redirection / routing specific to ipchains.  I don't want outside users
to connect to because it is a masqueraded system with a private
network address.  Instead I want users to think they are getting their data
from the gateway system at

Outside Gateway                    Internal Web Server
machine requests url.            redirects request        to internal web

I'm using the masquerade/firewall script from SuSE 6.0 (kernel 2.2.7)  The
documentation speaks more in terms of having a firewall and masquerading
system on separate servers.  The http, telnet, and ftp servers own outside
world addresses so the local address problem is never address.


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