Does HP LaserJet 4/5 driver work thru Netware in RH6 ?

Does HP LaserJet 4/5 driver work thru Netware in RH6 ?

Post by Niann Shia » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

After successfully installing Netware package in RH 6.0 and having it
configured as a client, I could see entire network thru slist.
However, network printing to HP4000 or HP 4x  LaserJet did not seem to
work with drivers availabe in RH6.  Only garbage characters were
printed out on so many pages of paper wasted.  I called RH technical
support for support. The answer I got is that network printing (and
third-party software as well) is not in the list for 30-day phone and
90-day email support.  Does anyone know if HP LaserJet 4xxx network
printing work thru Netware in RH6 ? and any tricks ?

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  Error: /invalidfont in findfont
                                 Operand stack:
                                               basefontdict Courier Font

if ascii files


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