Linux maybe dropping UDP packets?

Linux maybe dropping UDP packets?

Post by n/ » Wed, 29 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Recently I installed a Linux gateway to my ISP. It's hardware is as
        486 DX2/80
        8Mb FPM RAM
        2.5Gb HDD
        33.6 Modem

I am using Redhat 5.0 and v2.0.33 of the kernel.

I am quite an avid Quakeworld player, and have noticed that since
installing the gateway, I get a LOT of WARNING: U_REMOVE ON FULL
UPDATE messages in Quake, and often my "view" doesn't move for minutes
at a time, while text and messages from other players still appear on
I was wondering what could cause this problem? Could the fact that my
linux box only has 8 Mb of RAM be causing problems, or is there a
switch I missed in compiling the kernel, or is the problem elsewhere?
Thanks in advance for your help. Please send any replies via email as
my ISP doesn't cache this newsgroup for very long, and I may miss any
Thanks in advance
- Steven Bolbot


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I am trying to get kanat to work -- This allows you to run a kazaa
machine behind a firewall.  

All you have to do is forward both the UDP and the TCP port of your
choice to the kazaa machine behind your NAT.

OK, no problem.  But if I completely open up my firewall, and just
turn on forwarding, then it works.

But, if I turn on port forwarding in my normal software package
(firestater), then only half of the UDP packets come through.  The
rest are dropped.

I'm dying for a decent kazaa machine.  Can anyone help me figure out
what rule in Firestater is causing only some of the UDP packets to be

I don't even know where to start.


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