Matrox MGA Impression + - will it or won't it?

Matrox MGA Impression + - will it or won't it?

Post by Antony Robert » Wed, 28 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi All!

        I'm feeling a bit depressed, I've just read a couple of postings
regarding the Matrox MGA cards, saying that you can't get XFree86 to
work with them? Is this completely true? Can't I at least get an
un-accelerated SVGA mode going?

        I don't think I can afford the XInside stuff.


                Cheers beers,



Antony Roberts            |   Software Generation (UK) Limited,


1. Request for Comments Matrox Impression/Compaq QVision1280+p/MGA Impression XFree86

Hello I've been attempting to get the CompaqQvison/1280+P graphics controller working
with X 3.1.2 on Linux 1.2.13. I'm using a Compaq 151FS Monitor which supports
1280x1024. Compaq doesn't lend any information due to proprietary information which
turns out not to even be theirs but is Matrox information. Matrox Impression was what
a Compaq Tech told me to look for but that turned up Zip.
I know this card will run with a mono or a 64 bit driver but I need the modelins and
the clocks.

Any information or comments welcome I simply want to get this working.
I'm a poor student who just cant aford 100$ for the Xinsides Server which is the only
X that supports this card to my knowledge.

Richard Welch
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