VMWare problem

VMWare problem

Post by root » Sun, 07 Jan 2001 17:40:02

I am must use my W2K Advance server to program SQL7 and
I don't want to stop my linux services (telnet, ftp, etc.).
Someone point me to the VMWare, and it seams good. I saw
it work on my friends machine (booting into 98SE in linux).
But after I install VMWare, it failed to boot into W2K Adv
Server. It can show the BIOS, the Win logo and just before
it starting services (W2K's services), it runs into blue
screan and telling me that failed to boot due to XXXXX reason.
And advice me to check about virus ?! Is that any thing
wrong between W2K adv server and linux or I should set

env: W2K adv server + SQL7 in hda1, RH7 in hda2, via chipset ?!

---- Brittle


VMWare problem

Post by Steve Marti » Sun, 07 Jan 2001 21:11:10

> But after I install VMWare, it failed to boot into W2K Adv
> Server.

You didn't mention which version of VMWare you're using.
Their Web site specifies that the $79 Express version
will only emulate Win95/98, and won't support 2000.
This takes the Workstation version.

Quote:> more things. I CAN BOOT INTO W2K THROUGH LILO !

Not really indicative... this is not a case of emulating
Win2000, you're actually booting Win2000, just with a
different bootstrap loader (I'm doing that here with
Win95 and WinNT).


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