Problem when passing "ide0=cmd640_vlb" boot string

Problem when passing "ide0=cmd640_vlb" boot string

Post by roo » Mon, 13 May 1996 04:00:00


My system locks during boot up when lilo passes the "ide0=cmd640_vlb"
string to the kernel. The kernel accepts the string OK, but
during the drive probe,  the floppy drive lights up and system

      1) controller=> Acculogic sIDE-4/VL (CMD-640 chipset)
      2) hda=> Maxtor 1.2 Gbyte IDE
      3> hdb=> WD 520 Mbyte IDE

Both drives are daisy chained to the primary IDE port of the controller
at IRQ14, hda is jumped as master and hdb jumped as slave.  
The floppy is also attached to the controller.
Using 1.3.91 kernel and linux is the only operating system on this box.  

Chuck Gilkes