Advice needed: To ELF or not to ELF

Advice needed: To ELF or not to ELF

Post by Ryurick M. Hrist » Thu, 24 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hello all   :-)

I recently bought the Infomagic August release and I saw
Slackware 2.3 ELF beta.

I am not very sure if I should upgrade to this one or to wait till later
and to upgrade to the regular one.

What is happening with the other already compiled apps ?
Are there also the old a.out format libraries so I don't have to recompile ?

Does one have to change the makefiles to recompile to ELF ?

Is there any difference in speed execution ?
(I need heavy floating point calculation)
In size ?

I would like to give it a try but unfortunately I don't have to much
spare time to fiddle with this :-(

As subject line sais, can anybody give me an advice ?

Or can anybody tell me his own experience ?

Many thanks,     :-)


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