cannot open initial console

cannot open initial console

Post by n.a.beishuize » Wed, 18 Jul 2001 17:10:30

ok, this is what happened. I discovered that my swapdisk wasn't active, and
after some quick thinking I thought, ok, let's start up SUSE's yast, delete
the swap partition, create it again, and all the config files will be
rewritten. reboot, and the swap will work again. Wrong. It seems my insight
in the workings of linux are not that great after all. After rebooting, I
got the surprising error:

kernel panic: cannot open an initial console.
try passing init= option to the kernel.

Ok, this is new to me too.
Normally I would just grab my bootdisk or boot cdrom, but I'm on an
internship right now and don't have that stuff with me.
So, what happened, and what can I do about it?
additional info:
full SUSE 6.2 install with linux 2.4.0 kernel, and my swap is hdb5 and my
linux / is hdb7

Nijso Beishuizen


1. Cannot open initial console

Redhat 4.2 / P60 / 48MB / 4.0 GIG

This weekend I deleted one of my FAT partitions and using Linux fdisk, I
created a Linux partition with it. I then rebooted my machine and now I
get the following messages on my console at boot time:

        Unable to open initial console

The machine boots no further than this.
I tried booting with "rescue" mode. and sometimes I get the above
message and:
        Compressed image found in RAMDISK 0

Also tried with LILO "linux emergency". No go.
I tried going in with my installation media and editing the partition
table by removing the partition I added. It still won't boot. And when I
reboot and use fdisk to print the partition table, the partition is
Any ideas how to fix this? I've all but given up hope and just
reinstalled the whole thing but I wanted to see what the gurus say

     Michael T. Olivier

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