RH7.1 install fails w/ "operation not permitted" "install exited abnormally"

RH7.1 install fails w/ "operation not permitted" "install exited abnormally"

Post by Paul Victor Novare » Sun, 15 Jul 2001 10:09:06

I found a similar case in this group from May, but the thread devolved
into a discussion about how much swap is necesary and the question
never got answered :)

Anyway, I have a DEC celebris GL 6180 (PPro 180) I inherited from the

It's currently got a 1.2GB IDE disk with NT4.0 on it.  I downloaded
RH 7.1 ISO images from linuxiso.org and burned them to CD.  However, I
get the CDROM drive to boot, so I made a boot floppy, which works

I am attempting to install in text mode, since I don't have a mouse
for this
machine and I only have a half-burned-in 9-inch monochrome IBM VGA

Everything seems to go smoothly... the installer finds the CD, fdisk
my partition table to disk... I select the packages I want to install,
I get the "Installation to Begin" screen.  When I hit "OK", it dies

type read: operation not permitted
pfd: install exited abnormally
sending termination signals... done
sending kill signals... done
disabling swap
unmounting filesystems
/mnt/source umount failed
you may safely reboot your system

(I reformatted that for legibility, when the system prints it, it uses
feeds but not carriage returns so its all stair-stepped).

Major bummer, and it happens every time... the wierd part is, the NT
loader is still on the MBR and still gets a good deal into the boot
(it shows the "1 system processor 48MB of memory" BS before BSOD'ing).

Any clues would be appreciated.

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