where's HOWTO on slackware kernel recompile?

where's HOWTO on slackware kernel recompile?

Post by Chuc » Fri, 20 Jan 1995 07:32:55

I'm looking for the HOWTO that describes how I might recompile my
slackware kernel.  Specifically, I want to setup my system for IDE HDD
and QIC tape support for a Colorado 120 MB drive.  FTP site, directory?


Chuck Wyatt


1. Kernel recompile - won't boot - howto fix?

I am running Red Hat 6.2 and it was working fine. I installed a new CDRW
drive so I was trying to get the necessary drivers installed and
compiled into the kernel. I was following the CD-Writing-HOWTO and other
documents I found on the net, but I was having trouble getting the drive
recognized by cdrecord -scanbus.

I noticed that the CD-Writing-HOWTO suggested that Red Hat users needed
to run mkinitrd with a command like:

mkinitrd --preload ide-cd initrd-2.2.14.img 2.2.14

I have never run mkinitrd when re-compiling kernels before so I'm not
sure when/if I need to do this. Now, my system won't boot. I was getting
kernel panics and Linux would hang.

I booted off my installation CDROM and ran "linux rescue" from the Red
Hat CD so I could try and fix this. I booted, mounted my linux
partition, and copied System.old to System.map, and vmlinuz.old to
vmlinuz, and tried to run lilo. I now get an error message from lilo
saying that vmlinuz is too big. I've tried to boot again, but now I get
no error message, Linux just hangs.

I didn't do a good job of keeping a copy of my old kernel around to boot
(other than the .old ones that were around). So now, I'm basically
screwed. How can I get a bootable kernel back on my system so I can get
the system up and running again? Is is possible to boot off the CDROM
and mount my /dev/hdb1 to / and recompile like normal?

I need some serious help here. I've used Linux for years but never run
into a problem this bad.


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