Via Sound Card on Asus K7M Mother Board

Via Sound Card on Asus K7M Mother Board

Post by Helpdesk Rome » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I have some problem to configure my sound card under Linux Red Hat 6.2,
Kernel 2.2.14 - 5.0

The utility Sndconfig report that don't detect a Kernel with the sound
module because don't find the file soundcore.o in the modules path but
the file exist!

Can you help me?

Gianluca Gigante
Italy, Rome

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sound card. The sound card is based on the SiS7012
chipset. I tried to install Redhat 9.0 and the sound
card was not detected during installation. I did
sndconfig and it properly detected a SiS7012 sound
card but I was unable to hear the test sample sound
played. Then I selected various drivers in the manual
configuration including the Intel i810 drivers.
No luck. I downloaded a driver from sis website
(See, but
it gives compilation errors.

Any ideas?

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