Probs with Raid 5

Probs with Raid 5

Post by Peer Ko » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


we have tried to test raid 5 using 4 HD's .
Everything works fine, but if we remove one HD
and then reconnect the drive the Raid did not see
this drive again. So we have lost our spare disk.
What'S wrong ?
We are using suse 6.1 with kernal 2.2.10 and the
Raid-pathes from 24.7.99.

Any idea ?

Bye, Peer
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I've scoured the search engines

I've looked at vinum and ccd

I need RAID-1 Hardware with instructions how to mirror!

Where is this information?

Mylex, AMI all have cards.  Which card to buy?  How are they
supported?  How do I set them up?  Where is the RAID documentation?

Where's the secret cache of all this info?


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