RH 4.2 -> 5.0 = Xdisplay 6 pixels high

RH 4.2 -> 5.0 = Xdisplay 6 pixels high

Post by mh.. » Fri, 23 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I had RH 4.2 installed with Metro-X.  Because I complain (all the time about
Red Hat's upgrade policy SUCKING and forcing you to buy new CDs every 3
months) I took a cow-orkers advice and bought the Cheap Bytes $1.99
RH 5.0 CD special.

I put the CD in and did an upgrade.  I flagged it for no X11 monkey business
since I knew that Metro-X wasn't on the Cheap Bytes CD.

The upgrade actually went pretty good.

configX came up just fine.

Go to start X and my screen is about 10 pixels high at the bottom of the screen.

I have tried different monitor resolutions and nothing seems to help.

Any hints for the RH4.2 -> Cheese Bytes 5.0 upgrade?


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1. RH 4.2 -> RH 5.0

I have a mostly stock RH 4.2 system, and I now have a 5.0 CD-ROM.

Step 1: Try to do a complete new install onto an unused partition.  Create
boot image.  Start up.  First screen (claim I am novice, just hit enter).
Kernel starts, does a couple of things and then dies at
which is odd given that the root device is supposed to be the IDE CD-ROM
drive.  (there are a couple of scsi disks onto which I want to install, but
they are not supposed to be the root device).

Step 2: Try to upgrade the present system.  Go to
and do a
        rpm -i -U *rpm
Tons of errors about such things as missing shells.

Either of these methods would be fine with me, if I could just get it to
work.  Any ideas?

/ivo welch

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