FIPS 12 and "Invalid media type reading drive D"

FIPS 12 and "Invalid media type reading drive D"

Post by Robert Woodco » Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:00:00

OK, I read the docs, ran Fips, it worked without any errors (I made a
boot disk and backups just in case) but when I reboot, I get this:

Invalid media type reading drive D
Abort, Retry, Fail?

Partition C works (and boots) absolutely perfectly; no complaints there. I
tried running fdisk (selecting option #4) and it says:

Partition  Status   Type   Volume Label  MBytes   System  Usage
 C: 1         A    PRI DOS  HARD DISK      404   FAT 16     33%
 D: 2              PRI DOS                 817   UNKNOWN    67%
Could that by any chance be the problem?

The HD is a 1280 MB Western Digital (Appears to be 1221 MB formatted)

I've rem'd out all the CD-ROM drivers just in case that was the problem.

Anyone know how to cure this minor problem?

Or could someone walk me through the process of deleting the second
partition? :) fdisk seems high on functionality and incredibly
low on guiding and documentation. I would prefer to not recreate the
first partition. :)
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