LILO vs loadlin: clearing reserved memory?

LILO vs loadlin: clearing reserved memory?

Post by Thomas Zaji » Wed, 03 Feb 1999 04:00:00

> I'm just guessing here, but it may be that DOS/Windows is the culprit.
> After all, you have to launch DOS first, then loadlin inside DOS reads
> the kernel into memory and starts executing it. Assuming loadlin and the
> kernel don't touch the BIOS image (if they did it would happen all the
> time),
> it may be that DOS/Win is wiping it for some reason before Linux starts.
> I'm afraid I haven't a clue how you might correct that. (Maybe "format
> C:"? he-he!)

You can do a [Menu] in CONFIG.SYS which lets you choose between DOS and
Linux. The Linux part would have LOADLIN.EXE as a shell, and Loadlins
paramaters as shell parameters. The DOS part would have the usual stuff
in it. This way, the "DOS launch" phase is minimized - I had to switch
to this solution in order to get the svgalib-1.3.1 VESA driver to work.
Before that, I let DOS boot up completely, and then ran Loadlin from
the command prompt - this caused some interrupt vectors to be modified
by some DOS drivers & TSRs, and made the VESA driver crash under Linux
as a result.

Insert these lines at the beginning of your CONFIG.SYS (modify the
SHELL= line to reflect your system settings):



... (your original CONFIG.SYS goes here)

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