Bad Superblock -> Bad Magic Number ->Segmentation fault?

Bad Superblock -> Bad Magic Number ->Segmentation fault?

Post by Lee Morga » Fri, 07 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Okay.....Slakware 3.0 comes with e2fsck 0.5 (i think)

Installed and everything seemed to work okay including xfree etc.. but
on boot up e2fsck is slow in checking and doesn't seem happy

So I ran e2fsck manually and got "Bad Superblock" error.

Tried the -b8193 switch but no joy.

So tried mkefsck -S to just write the superblock then e2fsck again and
lots of problems (pages of stuff about bad inode's etc)

Ends up with Bad Magic Number.

Re-install (i'm getting good at this bit!)

Then I get e2fsck version 1.04 ( read in dejanews the old one had bugs,
(couldn't find version 1.06 as recommended))

Still not happy with superblock. Try mkefsck -S again. It goes haywire
and reports (eventually)

Segmentation fault.

Ermm.. what does this mean?

I recall I got this on the first install with a few of the packages (I
was using color.gz so they flashed by)

Also tried :
 installing on MBR
 e2fsck -b8193   and other superblock copies
 e2fsck -32

Virus: Just found boot sector virus on one of my floppies could it be
that? Can't remember the name - all it does is copy itself to any disk
in the floppy drive every hour.

If it could be this how can I remove it? I know mcaffee does, but under

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lee Morgan