RH 6.2 - NFSV3???

RH 6.2 - NFSV3???

Post by Paul Blencow » Thu, 14 Sep 2000 12:55:13

Hi folks,

Is there anyone into parallelism aware of NFSV3 available - or becoming
available - for RedHat 6.2??  Our 'gurus' at head office say no.

Tanx in advance,
Julie Moriarty


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after several trials I managed to start the RH 6.2 installation manager using:
boot dkb0 -file kernels/generic.gz -flags "root=/dev/hdc"   in SRM.
When I choose KDE workstation installation in the installation manager I get the following error:
"An error has occured - no valid devices were found on which to create new filesystems. Please check
your hardwarefor the cause of this problem"

I have a Miata with 2 scsi HD's and I don't really know what kind of cd-rom.
Is this error due to a bad boot command in SRM or due to the fact that RH 7.0 is already installed
on the system ?.
If yes how do I remove it using SRM ?

Thanks a lot.


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