X Server for Trident 8400 chipset

X Server for Trident 8400 chipset

Post by John Mahal » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Unfortunately, the video card on my current computer is an on board AGP with
a Trident 8400 chipset.  Does anyone know of an XServer or driver for this
card/chipset?  I can get X Windows to run, but only in 16 color 640 x 480
mode.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Mahala


1. driver for trident 8400 w/9430 dgi chipset

I'm trying to setup Linux for a friend of mine.  He has an integrated
motherboard that has the trident 9430 dgi video graphics adapter
(although there is one place where I thought I saw it say it was an 8400
with the 9430 chipset?).  I checked the xfree86 website and it says the
chipset is supported.  When I run XF86Setup I get a graphical setup (so
I know it works) but I haven't been able to get the XF86Config file
setup properly.

Any ideas?  Anyone have a config file that I could have a copy of that
would, perhaps, help us get his setup.  Any help is appreciated.



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