Mouse not working in x

Mouse not working in x

Post by and » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have a little track ball that I use thru a OmniView 4 port switcher.
(it lets me use one monitor, one keyboard, one mouse with four
I cannot get the thing to work on the x desktop.  it acts just as a
standard ms mouse on every other dos/win app.
Is there a quick and dirty program that searches for or tests the
i have found mousetest under /usr/lib/svgalib.  I cant get that dot to
move at all.
any configuration/test ideas would be helpful.

Mouse not working in x

Post by Ron J Theriau » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I found that I had to disable a daemon: "gbm" or "gpm" or something
like that.  (Sorry, I'm bad with names).  It is started in

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1. Mouse working w/ X but not w/ moused


as a newbie to FreeBSD, I'm stuck with the following:

I installed FreeBSD 4.1 to a 486Dx66 VLB box, that formerly ran Redhat
5.2. There, the mouse (a standard Mitsumi 3-Button type jumpered to
work as MouseSystems) worked ok both on the console and on X (XFree86
Mono, Hercules/MDA Board from my old XT w/ 2x32KB RAM [it really works
In FreeBSD however, moused fails to recognize the mouse:

moused -i all -p /dev/cuaa0 -t mousesystems
/dev/cuaa0 unknown mousesystems generic

and running moused brings no visible result, except that it is
blocking the built-in XFree86 mouse from working. When no moused is
running, the X mouse works just fine.

I also tire using vidcontrol to switch the mouse off/on, but no
result. BTW: the vidcontrol option -M char (from the manpage): what
argument 'char' is it supposed to take? I tried various, also on my
other box where moused works just fine w/ a ps/2 Dexxa Optical Mouse,
but got no visible results.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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