Linux newbie - installed redhat 5.2

Linux newbie - installed redhat 5.2

Post by Nick Taylo » Sat, 14 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I'm an absolute newbie to Linux ... worked with Cromix for a
few months back in 1982 (that's an 8-bit Z-80 implementation)
... but no other experience.  Installed redhat 5.2 from CD onto
my i486 with 16 MB RAM & 1.5 GB of SCSI hard drives with
win95.  No problems at all!!!  The people at REDHAT get my
recomendation for a job well done!

- - - Nick - - -


1. newbie --redhat 5.2 harddrive install

I'm trying to install Redhat 5.2 by the harddrive method.  When the
install gets to the point where it scans through the /redhat
directories, it says there's an error opening the filesystem.  

I have everything in the /redhat directory ( the base, instimage, and
rpms directories), which i believe should be all i need?  I downloaded
these things w/ wsftp and saved them on the drive running windows...
twice!  is there something i'm not doing?  or does the error mean that
some of the files were corrupted and i should just try downloading yet
any help would be great!


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