RH 6.0 - can't find linux/head.h during 'make modules'

RH 6.0 - can't find linux/head.h during 'make modules'

Post by kevin_coll.. » Thu, 22 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,

    I have just installed Red Hat 6.0 at work on a slow machine. I am
in the process of tuning the kernel and building a completely modular
kernel - I have done this on both Slackware (old) and Red Hat 5.2 with
no problems in the past. Currently I am unable to complete the 'make
modules' step due to an error that pci2000.c cannot find linux/head.h,
which appears to have been in previous versions, but is nowhere to be
found on this box. I could simply NOT build the pci2000 module, but I
really want to know what the fix is because when I install this version
at home, I NEED the pci2000 module.

    Please include response via e-mail if possible to

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