Installing RH 5.1 w/ an older CD-Rom drive

Installing RH 5.1 w/ an older CD-Rom drive

Post by Todd Ostermeie » Sun, 03 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I'm currently helping a friend install Linux on a spare 486 he has sitting
around.  The problem is that he has an older CD-ROM drive.  It's a Philips
cm205ms, and I've got a hacked module for the cm206 that will work w/ this
drive.  However, I'm not exactly sure *where* this module needs to go on
RH's boot disk so that it can be loaded prior to installing the system.  I
tried compiling a kernel for him with built in support, but the setup
program wants to install the cdrom as a module, and won't even look at the
kernel to see if the support is there.  My question is:  How do I add a
module to a RH bootdisk so that he can use his CD to install?

We've tried several other install methods, such as an ftp install from
several different sites (which always died for some reason or another),
and an ftp install from the cd mounted on his NT machine.  That one didn't
work because it kept seeing the filenames as 8.3 rather than the proper
names.  The only two options we have left would be to pull the cdrom drive
out of his NT machine and put it in the 486 (which we're not even sure can
handle it), or mirror the cd onto the NT drive, and try the ftp install
from there (which may die like the other ftp installs did -- I wish I
could remember what the error messages were, but it's been a while).

any suggestions?


Todd Ostermeier                  
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