it's absolutley impossbble to install RH 5.0 on my computer.. need HELP!!

it's absolutley impossbble to install RH 5.0 on my computer.. need HELP!!

Post by Mattias Larss » Fri, 23 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I have sitting here for about 5 days and I still haven't got it to Work.
What do I do Wrong?

My computer:
Is a Compaq DeskPro 6000, with PentumII-300 and 128MB RAM.
I have an Adaptec 2940, with a 4.3GB SCSI disk. With over 4000 Cyls.
I also have an IDE-controler for my CD-ROM, a Matsushita  CR-5850.

What's installed before:
Compaq System partition on sda1 10MB
Windows 95 on FAT-16 on sda2 500MB

Problem is:
I try to install Linux RH 5.0. Everything seems to work just fine.
Linux partition (83) is on 500MB and starts on Cyl 722. sda3
Linux Swap partition is on 127MB. sda4
After I have installed everything, When I try to restart my Compyter I
just get the Message " No Operating System", And the Computer won't

The only thing to do is boot on a disk and start some sort of
diskpartition utility and delete the Linux Partition (DOS FDISK, LINUX
FDISK). Then... Windows 95 will start.

No matter if a skip the installation of LILO or install it on masterboot
record or on the Linux Partition.

I have also tried to Remove the Compaq System partition and install
Windows 95 on sda1 and Linux on sda2, No change.

More Info:
If I try to boot on a floppy With DOS, I can Access the FAT-16 partition.
But I can not access the LINUX patition with a Linux Boot disk.

Is there anyone there Who know this problem.. Is it a SCSI-with-large-

/Needhelp, Mattias.
->)| The Beep in the dark |(<-


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