copying files from unix to dos system in dos readable format

copying files from unix to dos system in dos readable format

Post by matri » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have installed linux on my 486, I don't have any knowledge on copying
files from a linux system to a dos floppy. Actually I want to copy a few
man's from the system on a dos formatted floppy and print the mans on a
win95 system in my office for later reading.

for further knowledge:-
I can mount a floppy
I can format a floppy for linux file system
I can direct the output of man <command> to a floppy in a file called
I can check the copied text files on floppy using more <filename>

I cannot make the floppy readable on a doz or windoz based system.

Please Help !!

Thanks in advance!

Tualha Khan


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