PackBell computers

PackBell computers

Post by unkno » Wed, 13 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I just bought a book with the slackware 2.3 version on CD.
The book warns that installing X with the wrong config can
damage your hardware.
Before I start this has anybody loaded Linux/X on a system
similar to this. I had some hardware problems installing Warp so
I'm afraid the same will be true with linux.

I have all the monitor info  except

It is a packard bell 1412sl color monitor
14" 90 deflection .28mm dot pitch
1024X768 pixels
        Horizontal 31.5kHz/35.2Khz /35.5kHz /48 kHz
        Vertical 50Hz to 90 Hz continuous

Other stuff:

Packardbell  Legend 23cd with 16meg 486/66

Video card

local bus video 1 meg video memory
     Video Adapter Type: VGA                          
           Manufacturer: Cirrus                        
           Display Type: VGA Color                    
             Video Mode: 3                            
      Number of Columns: 80                            
         Number of Rows: 25                            
     Video BIOS Version: CL-GD542X VGA BIOS Version 1.41
        Video BIOS Date: 01/07/94                      
 VESA Support Installed: Yes                            
           VESA Version: 1.02                          
          VESA OEM Name: Cirrus Logic GD-54xx VGA      
      Secondary Adapter: None                          

     Computer Name: Phoenix                
 BIOS Manufacturer: Phoenix                
      BIOS Version: PhoenixBIOS Version 4.03
                    PB450M PNP release x1.14
     BIOS Category: IBM PC/AT              
     BIOS ID Bytes: FC 01 00                
         BIOS Date: 06/23/94                
         Processor: 80386                  
  Math Coprocessor: 80387                  
          Keyboard: Enhanced                
          Bus Type: ISA/AT/Classic Bus      
0    DMA Controller: Yes                    
     Cascaded IRQ2: Yes                    
 BIOS Data Segment: 9FC0 1k                

          Mouse Hardware: PS/2 Style Mouse
     Driver Manufacturer: Microsoft
         DOS Driver Type: IBM PS/2 Mouse
        Driver File Type: .SYS File
      DOS Driver Version: 9.00
               Mouse IRQ: 12
 Number of Mouse Buttons: 2
  Horizontal Sensitivity: 50
   Mouse to Cursor Ratio: 1 : 1
    Vertical Sensitivity: 50
   Mouse to Cursor Ratio: 1 : 1
         Threshold Speed: 50
          Mouse Language: English

Thanks for any help

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